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Alvin Charlery aka Poetic Juggler has always had a liking for music. Between the ages of 8 and 12 he was a member of VSADC choir, led by James A Belgrave. During his college years he often sang while in the dormitory shower. When his competitive soccer playing days were over, he decided to take his poetry to another level and became a singer and songwriter. He ventured into open mics in Connecticut and New York City where he developed his stage presence. 

Poetic Juggler takes pride in making music that is meaningful and thought provoking. Conscious music! His aim is to inspire, especially the youth, as humanity seems to be going off course. He believes music should be used as a vehicle to help transform the landscape into one in which peoples and nations can live harmoniously with each other. 


Currently, Poetic Juggler is working on a CD compilation titled, "Divine Inheritance". 

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